#25 Brand new Arena

Good news, we are happy to invite you to the new arena in UnnyWorld!


All other arenas will be temporary closed, until we polish them, but meanwhile you’ll be enjoying fighting with suicide goblins :)

Lets talk about the rules a little.

There are two bases on the map, each is guarded by two towers. Your team’s goal is simple – to destroy the enemy base.
Unity 5.5.0f3 Personal (64bit) - HexesScene.unity - UnnyWorld - iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (Personal)  2017-01-23 15-15-56

However all towers and bases are able to make tons on damage to any hero, so I wouldn’t recommend just to rush them. The only strategy is to capture a goblin camp, which is located in the middle of the map. While your team controls a camp, it produces goblins, and you can use them as a cover to get to the enemy tower.


Sounds simple? Try it!
There are only two goblin camps on the map and each team will try to get it first.

See you on the battleground.
Stay tuned!

#24 Leagues

Hello, guys!

We have great news today. We’ve just release the League system!

Leagues are replacing the old Leaderboard ranking system with one window for all players.

Right now we have 3 Leagues: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each League consists or 3 Tiers. Tier III is the lowest, and Tier I is the highest. When the update comes all players will get into the Bronze league, but in different Tiers, depending on their rating. All new players will be places automatically into Bronze III.

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#22 Big Updates

Greeting, everyone! It’s Pavel Ignatov, one of the developers of UnnyWorld.

You are probably guessing why we haven’t made any updates for quite a long time. Today I’m going to share with you what’s going on in the studio and what we are preparing for you.

From the analytics, and the feedback you gave to us we found many problems in the game, which are fixing right now.

The first problem which is about to be fixed very soon is that it’s hard for users to have many characters, because every time you want to try a new branch of heroes, you also need to start with a new planet, and, to be honest, it’s not really convenient to switch between characters. We thought about it and found an elegant solution. The next update will gather all your characters on a single planet. Also, you will be able to switch between them right on the planet, so you don’t need to go back to the menu anymore (but you can if you want). It’s actually very cool, because there will be no boundaries (like going through tutorial again and again) to try all characters and finally pick the favorite one. It’s sounds easy, but unfortunately there are a lot of technical issues connected to this feature, which we are solving right now.

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#21 The first week of launch

UnnyWorld was released on Google Play in Malaysia a week ago. We received a lot of feedback from users and understood what game aspects we need to improve.

So, we’ve already updated the game couple days ago, and that’s what was changed:

1. We cut the most part of the tutorial and simplified it, in order to shorten the way to the first arena. Of course, it’s extremely hard to predict what people will like and that’s why we would be extremely happy to hear a few words from you about the game.

2. When you go to fight in arenas, you are rated either you win or lose. We decided to change the way PvP rating system works. Now you will get the rating you deserve, so you have a clear goal to work on.

3. Now you’ll be able to create and join guilds. Each guild has a private chat and possibility to compete with other guilds (who gets a higher position in leaderboards).

4. Characters fixes:
– Water Shield used to make the water mage – Akia invulnerable;
– Lightning spell of the electric mage – Neri used to damage twice

5. The second PvP arena (Icetron) was added. To fight in the arena you need to upgrade your Arena portal to level 2.

Last but not least:  we’ve just launched the company’s forum where you can talk to us freely.

Also, we are going to send emails to all who signed up for the beta access very soon with instructions on how to get UnnyWorld.

Join us and stay tuned.

#20 Soft launch

Greetings to everyone!

Couple days ago we’ve soft launched the game in Malaysia on Android. We didn’t launch it worldwide, because we predicted some possible problems, which we would need to fix. So far, about 100 people played the game, and we’ve already decided what we need to change ASAP.

Among all players, there were very dedicated ones, who overcame bugs, completed the tutorial and fought several times in the pvp arena. Thanks to them, we got a lot of data, which we are using to adjust the gameplay and prepare the upcoming update.

To soft-launch the game we had to remove some features, and temporary disable several game aspects. Anyway, 6 characters are available to pick up. Each of them can be upgraded to the 7th level and the max level of the planet is 3. You can’t attack other planets yet, but you’re able to fight with other players in the pvp arenas.

We are very close to give an access to everybody, and pretty soon we’re going to invite all our subscribers to the beta test.

So, follow our blog and stay tuned ;)

#19 Development News : Design

Greetings to our readers!
Today we’d like to share with you our latest news and show how we improved the graphics in the game. Plenty of pictures are coming.

We often heard from players that our game is a kind of childish one. They mostly complained about the visual part of the game, so we hired new people a month ago, and our new teammates did a great job concerning the visual part of the game in just one month.

It all began from a task for one of the candidates – he drew the following picture:


Planetary terrain concept

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#18 Unnyhog’s adventures

Greetings, our readers.

If you think that working on a startup is very hard and you have to focus on the project, you are probably right. However, there might be a lot of different traps waiting for you around. Today I want to share with you a story happened to us recently. We’ve experienced a lot of stress in just two weeks, so let’s start.

Everything started when I came back to Abu Dhabi from Moscow. I’ve received a working visa, so my next goals were meeting with investors, finishing banking account and getting Emirates ID. To be honest, I was very surprised of how Abu Dhabi changed comparing to summer in terms of how fast people work. During a week I managed to meet with all investors, apply for my residency, pass medical and finish other small tasks, so I was just waiting to get my passport back. During that week I met one of our mentors Bern Shen, and he told me that now he will be very often in Silicon Valley, so if by any chance we will be there, we should meet with him. We’ve never been there, and we had a totally different plan, so at that moment it didn’t seem very possible. And here the story starts…

On Monday October 29th we’ve received a letter from YCombinator. They thought our startup to be promising, so they wanted us to come for a live interview. We were very happy about that, but the problem was that none of us had a US visa, and I didn’t even have my passport. We applied for visa, and the only one slot for me for interview was in Dubai on November the 5th. We wrote several emails to customer care with a request to accelerate the residency process, and it wasn’t very funny when they said something like: “We’ll try to do our best, but we can’t guarantee”. As an option we were thinking about stopping my residency process to get my passport back, but fortunately on November the 3rd everything was ready, and I got my passport. There were almost no problems at the Embassy, so I got my visa by approximately the 10th of November.


Mountain view typical neighborhood

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#17 Development news from UnnyWorld

Good morning, everyone! We are so sorry for not writing a lot recently. It’s only because we’re now very focused on the development of UnnyWorld.

Anyway, we really wanted to share with you what we’ve achieved. First of all, we have combined all aspects of the game together, so now you can easily fight in Arenas, capture Dungeons and come back to your Planet. You can also visit other players and even attack them. With all that said It’s time for some cool pictures and videos!

Lets start with the Arenas, where you will spend the majority of time soon.  These Arenas are: “Capture the flag” and “Control the territory”.

"Control the territory" Arena

“Control the territory” Arena

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#16 Heroes of UnnyWorld: the fearless warrior Duar

Mort was standing right next to the warrior and looking at him. The distance between them was too big to attack unpredictably and too short to escape. It was clear that in front of him was an experienced and brave soldier. He was tall with broad shoulders and strong muscled arms. The hilt of the warrior’s sword was battered and the cold dawn light showed scratches on his coarse leather armor. Nothing but keen interest was in his piercing eyes. The assassin noticed a coat of arms on the lion’s shield – well-known etching. It was Rendory – a warrior from the Emperor’s private guard.   


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