#25 Brand new Arena

Good news, we are happy to invite you to the new arena in UnnyWorld!


All other arenas will be temporary closed, until we polish them, but meanwhile you’ll be enjoying fighting with suicide goblins :)

Lets talk about the rules a little.

There are two bases on the map, each is guarded by two towers. Your team’s goal is simple – to destroy the enemy base.
Unity 5.5.0f3 Personal (64bit) - HexesScene.unity - UnnyWorld - iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (Personal)  2017-01-23 15-15-56

However all towers and bases are able to make tons on damage to any hero, so I wouldn’t recommend just to rush them. The only strategy is to capture a goblin camp, which is located in the middle of the map. While your team controls a camp, it produces goblins, and you can use them as a cover to get to the enemy tower.


Sounds simple? Try it!
There are only two goblin camps on the map and each team will try to get it first.

See you on the battleground.
Stay tuned!


    It looks awesome :) im excited to try it

    • Margarita Belorukova

      How do you find it, so far?